The HOPE server is a part of Maelstrom Gaming portfolio of ARK servers, with PvE setup and the same increased rates. Compared to the standard servers in a cluster, the HOPE introduces few specifics:


The map offers all biomes, resources, engrams and creatures including these from Scorched Earth and Aberration DLCs. Still, you do not need to own any DLC to be able to play on this server. You can find artifacts, explorer notes, caves, and bosses on the map. Additionally you can discover few unique creatures not existing on any other map.
All flyers are non-rideable, including wyverns and drakes. You will enjoy a continuous challenge of danger waiting for you in wildness. Most creatures are not tameable. The server started with 3 tameable species only. Every week, players vote on one additional class to become tameable, starting with basic creatures, and advancing to stronger classes.


How to connect HOPE server

1. Read rules2. Install mods3. Connect server

Tameable creatures

The following creatures are tameable on the HOPE server for now.
One new class will be added to the list every week, based on voting of players.

Dodo Dilophosaur Parasaur Giant Bee
Ankylosaurus Doedicurus Castoroides Terror Bird
Thylacoleo Ravager Shinehorn Yutyrannus