We pride ourselves on having a great community of ARK players.

Our ARK Servers

Our servers are hosted on a dedicated server based in a London data centre, which was custom built for our needs.

The Ark maps run several well balanced mods that enhance the gaming experience without breaking basic ARK principles and strategies. We recommend to install the Maelstrom mods collection prior connecting our servers for the first time, to minimize timeout issues during server connection.

Mods Collection

Now you can join our servers and enjoy never-ending action and friendly community. Using the icons below, you can connect the servers, upvote them, or open related online maps.

Aberration [PvE]

Ragnarok [PvE]

Island [PvE]

Scorched Earth [PvE]

Center [PvE]

Extinction [PvE]

Valguero [PvE]

PvE Rates

x5 Experience
x2 Harvesting
x5 Taming
x12 Breeding
x20 Maturation
x3 Loot & Fishing
x30 Platform building

Max player level: 300
Max wild dino level: 150

Our Awesome Team

Our volunteers spend their time and effort to make players’ gaming experience as much enjoyable as possible. You can contact them for any connection or server unavailability problems, or for any major issues ingame. You should report them any intentional violation of the servers rules. Overall, these are great and friendly people so spread them your love and respect.



The founder of Maelstrom Gaming. Never sleeping robot watching server logs 24×7. Located in UK. Powered by beer. He likes stalking random players ingame.


Admin Team

The lady waiting in the shadows seeking her prey, the logical admin and ARK code mistress. Obey her commands, worship her beauty and she will cuddle you. You want her on your side.


Discord Technician 

The indomitable guardian of Maelstrom servers and Discord guru.  Located in Netherlands, unbelievable strong man lifting any weights with ease and smile. Be glad he is around.

Rszone42 (Ham Shank)

Admin team

The man that never sleeps and partner to Creepy. we all know the one that wears the trousers… its not Ham! He will come to your aid just have a translator at hand since he is a Cockney after all.



Taking care of our website and online maps. Very busy man with deep love in ARK. Proud father of two kids, located in the Czech Republic. Calm personality with random explosions.

Creepy Crumpet (Bubbles)

Admin team

Partner of Ham. Always happy to help with anything as long as there is a tray of donuts being offered. Always be wary, if you hear “more bubbles!” the night gets messy.


Admin team

The well spoken Josh from United Kingdom is always willing to help players with questions “whats 2+2”? Josh replies “67”.


Support team

Ark addict to be found on the Centre map adding to her tribe’s “village”. Collector of dinos, planter of trees, and easily distracted by baby trikes and raptors!


Support team

The man that thats from a land that has pastries & bacon. Maybe Creepy Crumpet has met her bready goodness match. Dont let the deep voice intimidate you hes a fluffy bear really. 


Support team

The woman that likes rum more than Jack Sparrow himself. Granted this also means there are conversations of nudity while gaming….. She says about bowing to the light god, more like the porcelain god… vowing never to do it again.. 


Support Team

The man that puts all his time into various costume parties and his steam picture is his next costume he will wearing at his next party, FACT. This American is here to conquer the wild lands and help the new people.  


Support Team

The man that likes spreadsheets and waiting for trains but when he is in game he will be trying to help players with building and taming knowledge. 

Life is nothing without a little chaos to make it interesting


Former members of our support staff. We are grateful for their service for the Maelstrom Gaming community.

former admin
Former Admin
former support
former SUPPORT
former SUPPORT
former SUPPORT
former admin
former SUPPORT
former support







Community Life

Maelstrom Gaming community is a well known for its friendly and cooperative relationships. Players are talkative and they support each other regardless their tribe membership. Read about their experience or check screenshots from community events.

All references

If you are looking for a server where people have fun, admin are proactive, has regular events then this is the place. Server settings are well balanced to ensure the game stays interesting. Mods are voted on by the community.
Come visit, but just be warned remember one visit is all it takes to get hooked.

3600 hours in ARK

I have to admit this is one of the best ARK servers. In discord and ingame are the most amazing friendly and helpful people i think i have ever met on ARK, lots of banter and laughs. I definitely recommend this server to anyone looking for a great time! Admins are always helpful and very friendly.

Lee Suttling
2600 hours in ARK

I have played both official and private servers, but I really find myself loving this server. Rates arent crazy, aint no mods to make the game easy and everyone is always helping each other so much. This server cluster is well tuned that there is always something to do, always fun to be had.

2500 hours in ARK